How long does class last?
45 fun-filled minutes!

Do I know the songs you'll be singing, and what instruments will my child get to hear and play with?
Classes are accompanied by acoustic guitar. Kids will get an opportunity to play with the guitar at the end of class. Our classes utilize numerous percussion instruments throughout the session.

Am I going to have to sing in class? I'm tone deaf!
Our classes are lead by pretty great singers (if we do say so ourselves), but part of the fun is everyone singing and playing together! The most successful classes are always the ones where grownups sing along. You are the model for your child: sing out loud and proud!

What if my child doesn’t participate?
Every child is different; we have absolutely no expectations of them or their level of participation. It is important that they feel comfortable in class: even if they’re not singing along or playing exactly how we are playing, they are still taking everything in. Your child may sing and play loudly at home but not feel comfortable doing so in class… That’s OK!!

Can I chat with my friends while class is going on?
Everyone is working very hard to engage your children and maintain their focus during class. We don’t expect or want you to maintain silence during class - after all it is supposed to be fun! We do request that you keep conversations with other adults short, and remain engaged with your child and the teacher. It will make a big difference in class!

What do I do if my child gets an instrument slobbery or yucky?
All of our teachers come prepared with WetWipes! If your child (or another child in the class) tastes something, please keep that instrument to the side. We'll clean the instrument at the end of the class.. We really try to work as a team in this regard – if you see something hangin' out in a little ones mouth, even if it’s not your child, do us a favor and put it to the side to be cleaned.

Can I take pictures  and video during class? 
You are welcome to take a few pics of your kiddo in action. We do ask that you refrain from taking an audio or video recordings during the class. Remember, your first role is as a participant, so snap those pictures, but please try not to disrupt the class in doing so. Keep in mind that many families might prefer to not have images of themselves or their children posted to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Unlimited makeups are available to you, however makeup scheduling is based on availability and all makeups need to be completed by session's end.

Please schedule the class in advance by emailing oakparkstompandshout@gmail.com


Adult guests such as grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, friends are always welcome in class! We do ask that you limit the total number of adults you bring to any class to two.

Subject to availability, Drop In Students are welcome to attend for a $24 drop in fee. Please schedule your Drop In class at least 24 hours in advance.


If you or someone you know is having financial hardship at the moment you can still join us in class. Email us with the subject line PFE and you can sign your kiddo up for free, no questions asked. There are two spaces available each semester and it's on a first come, first served basis.